Installation/Migration Of Server And Database

1. To convert a 32-bit database to 64-bit database on Linux – [341880.1] from MOS.

2. Complete checklist for manual upgrades of Oracle databases from any version to any version on any platform (documents only from 7.3.x>>8.0.x>>8.1.x>>9.0.x>>9.2.x>>10.1.x>>10.2.x>>11.1.x>>11.2.x) [ID 421191.1]

3. Oracle Database Upgrade Path Reference List [ID 730365.1]

4. Installing 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure with ASM for a Standalone Server
This tutorial covers how to install the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server. In the Oracle 11g Release 2, the Grid Infrastructure is required to use Automatic Storage Management (ASM).


2 thoughts on “Installation/Migration Of Server And Database”

  1. Hi,
    do you have a script that will extract all schema packages source to a file so I will be able to run it on a different database and schema?


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