Performance Tuning

Interesting Links:

11gR2 RAC – run ADDM report

Systematic Latch Contention Troubleshooting in Oracle By Tanel Poder

Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide
How to Use Oracle® Solaris DTrace from Oracle Solaris and OpenSolaris System
Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide
DTrace User Guide
DTrace Topics Guide

MOS Article:

How To Understand AWR Report / Statspack Report [ID 842884.1]

How Btree Indexes Are Maintained [ID 30405.1]

Various Aspects of Fragmentation [ID 186826.1]

How to Tune Log File Sync? [ID 857576.1]

Script to Collect Log File Sync Diagnostic Information (lfsdiag.sql) [ID 1064487.1]

Tracing Parallel Execution with _px_trace. Part I [ID 444164.1]

How to Use _PX_TRACE to Check Whether Parallelism is Used [ID 400886.1]

How to Tell if the IO of the Database is Slow [ID 1275596.1]

OS Watcher User Guide [ID 301137.1]


4 thoughts on “Performance Tuning”

  1. Hi Shrikant,

    some questions for i need a help.

    1. if 100 queries are running, all the queris are performing sorts how will you improve the performance?

  2. Very nice post. I absolutely appreciate this website. Thanks!

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