Some Interesting Links

Interesting Blogs: by Richard Foote

Calculate UNDO_RETENTION and Needed UNDO Size

MOS Articles:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Deprecating the cursor_sharing = ‘SIMILAR’ setting [ID 1169017.1]

When Will DISM Start On Oracle Database? [ID 778777.1]

Database Instance Using Swap Space When There is Plenty of Free RAM [ID 761960.1]

Export/Import DataPump Parameter TRACE – How to Diagnose Oracle Data Pump [ID 286496.1]

Parallel Capabilities of Oracle Data Pump [ID 365459.1]

Archive logs are created with smaller, uneven size than the original redo logs. Why? [ID 388627.1]

Oracle Database Server and the Operating System Memory Limitations [ID 269495.1]

Master Note for Partitioning [ID 1312352.1]


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